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aditi tech.placement paper 0

aditi tech.placement paper

VENUE: Future Institute of Engg. (Sonarpur) 1. 12 + 22 – 32 + 42 – 52 + 62 – …… Using C prog. implement the above equation. You can’t use for loop. 2. Convert...

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Aditi Placement Paper 5

What would be the output of the following program. #include<stdio.h> main() { extern int a; printf(“%d”,a);; } int a=20; (a) 20   (b) 0   (c) garbage value   (d) error!! What would be the output of...



I attended ADITI on 15th June No. of students app.=400+ No. of stu selected =5 Presentation session were interesting they gave T-shirts for those who told correct ans for their queries. There were two...

Aditi Technologies Paper 0

Aditi Technologies Paper

Logical Reasoning : 1. The gap between the average starting salaries of teachers and those of other professionals has shrunk in recent years. (b) The average age of first year teachers is same as...

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Aditi Technologies

APTITUDE : Directions for question 1-10: Each question comprises four scattered segments of a sentence. Identify from among the four choices the sequences that correctly assembles the segments and completes the sentence.