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temnos paper 0

temnos paper

TEMNOS PAPER ON 10th MAY 2007 Hello Friends, I am Uma Mahesawri doing my final year MCA. I came to temenos through niit. SELECTION PROCESS: Ist NIIT shot-listed the candiates. I got short-listed… Then...

temnos paper on 3rd march 2007 at chennai 0

temnos paper on 3rd march 2007 at chennai

TEMNOS PAPER ON 3rd MARCH 2007 AT CHENNAI Hello Friends, I want to share my experience and selection procedure of Temenos. Selection procedure is divided into 3 Parts. 1. WRITTEN ROUND 2. GROUP DISCUSSION...

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temenos pattern

TEMENOS PATTERN – 2006 TEMENOS test will be very easy Just prepare from R S Agarwal and Some GRE book for Synonyms and Antonyms First Round : Test consits of 45 Questions in 45...

temnos paper on 26th august 0

temnos paper on 26th august

Hi friends, I attended TEMNOS paper today(26/8/2006) at Loyola college, Chennai. Timing:45mins Questions:75 They had 5 sections 1.Verbal-15 2.Numerical Ability-15 3.Logical Reasoning-15 4.General Awareness-15 5.Computer basics/Hardware-15 Verbal: Synonyms: Villian Vulnerable Amenable Admonish Fortify Lover...

temnos paper on 4th july 2006 0

temnos paper on 4th july 2006

No Negative Marks So you can attend all the questions 1) Given that black->blue blue->green green->yellow yellow->red red->violet violet -> black what is the color of blood? ans: Red 2) Five books A,B,C,D,E are...