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EPSON Sample Test Paper 0

EPSON Sample Test Paper

Sample Questions 6 persons A,B,C,D,E,F are playing a game of cards . A’s father and mother , uncle were in the gang. There were two women. B is the mother of A gets morepoints...

IBM Management Placement Paper 1

IBM Management Placement Paper

There were 4 Rounds: Aptitude Test Technical Round-1 Technical Round-2 Client/Manager Interview Exam/Interview Date: 24-Jul-2010 Location: Pune 1) Aptitude Test (Remember in Aptitude, IBM checks your speed). Again 3 Sections- Time Limit 15 min....

ABB Technical Paper 0

ABB Technical Paper

ABB Fresher TECHNICAL Placement Paper Number of Questions: 40 Questions Time: 45 Minutes The Questions are: 1. In a circuit. We r giving voltage of 50 Hz as well as 60Hz. Then what will...