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BSNL JTO Exam Paper 2005

BSNL JTO Exam Paper 2005

When a piece of copper and another of germanium are cooled from room temperature to 800 K then the resistance of – a) Each of them increases b) Each of them decreases c) Copper...

Holool India 0

Holool India

1. Use of Enable view state ? if turn off what happen ? 2. Response.write,server.transfer difference which one is used when ? 3. server.transfer limitation ? 4. how can i kill user session ?

Axes Test Paper 0

Axes Test Paper

[shal]Micro Processor[/shal] 1.Bus arbitration is used for ans: controlling the bus 2.which one is the higher priority a)hold b)interrupt ans: a) 3. 2’s complement of 43 010101 4.what happens when PUSH A instruction is...

Axes Technologies pattern 0

Axes Technologies pattern

These were selection processes involved with Axes Technologies : 1. Written test (Aptitude), 2. Technical test (Microprocessor, Data communications, Operating systems, C, C++), 3. Technical Interview (related to C, Data Communication, Microprocessor), 4. Group...

Cisco Placement Paper Number 2 1

Cisco Placement Paper Number 2

1) The starting location of an array is 1000. If the array[1..5/…4] is stored in row major order, what is the location of element [4][3]. Each work occupies 4 bytes. 2) If the number...