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FutureSoft Placement Papers

Future Software Sample Paper 0

Future Software Sample Paper

1. S –> AB|AS A –> a|aA B –> b What is the grammer accepted by the above? Ans. aa*b 2. How many address lines are needed to address a 64Kb segment with each...

Future Software Interview Procedure 0

Future Software Interview Procedure

The test is followed by a technical interview.The interview is reasonably tough.The interviewers generally lay stress on Operating Systems, C and Networks The written test is purely technical and mostly covers mainly computer engineering...

futuresoft pattern 0

futuresoft pattern

Hi i had taken up test at futuresoft in last month. They will be giving you question that u have read in four years of computer science or IT degree..other branch students must prepare...

FutureSoft Sample Test Paper 0

FutureSoft Sample Test Paper

1.Some palindrome question.the answer was (c) 2.Capacity of line…ans was 900 3. Number of null pointers in any binary tree = n+1 4. print (Head(T)) Traverse(left(T)) print (Head(T)) Traverse(right(T)) – ans: none of the...

FutureSoft Paper 0

FutureSoft Paper

40 min – 30 Questions Correct ans 3 marks Wrong ans -1 mark There were 3 or 4 different sets of questions.