Cognizant CTS Campus Interview at SVCE on 4 July 2007

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  1. sir,
    i am studying in 8th semester B.E in the stream of Elecrical&Electronics. for regarding the campus interview of CTS i need to apply or not. please specify any freshers recruitment.

    thanking you

  2. kaarthik says:

    sir am dng 6th semester BE IN ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS STREAM,i want to put area of interest in digital ELECTRONICS..BUT I KNOW UPTO SOME EXTEND IN THAT SUBJECT..SHALL I PUT OR NOT??

  3. kumar says:

    u should know atleast what every topic is in that subject. atleast in a couple of lines.

  4. m.rajiv says:

    I am studying in K.L.Npoly college at madurai so i search the campus interview

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