Syntel Paper for Freshers

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11 Responses

  1. S.A.boopathi says:

    definitely it is a good article,it will help a lot for the fresh participants

  2. mallikarjunarao says:

    it is very nice for freshers ,its very help full thanking u 4 u r advices u r malli

  3. mallikarjunarao says:

    hai very nice

  4. thulasi says:

    sir plzzzzzz send me the frequently asked qn papers.i didnt understand anything about the written test just i understood how the pattern pattern will be

  5. mukesh kumar says:

    i want the placement paper of syntel. please send me on my e mail id.

  6. Veerendra says:

    It’s just a bless to freshers!

  7. sir plzzzz snd me all patterns which are asked recently…………….

  8. i wanna syntel placement paper with solution

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