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CISCO Placement paper 0

CISCO Placement paper

Analytical Section. 1. 12 quantitative questions 2. 4 meanings 3. 4 matching(like goat::rat) 1.What is the length of the largest diagonal in a cube of 1unit. ans:2*sqrt(3). 2.if 0<s*t<1 then the values of s...

Cisco Paper 0

Cisco Paper

1. On cmos power( formula- P=CV*Vf 2. Lowest noise margin in which logic family– a) TTL b) CMOS c) biCMOS d) all have same 3. If CMOS has tr(rise time)=tf.find Wp/Wn. given beta(n)=2*beta(p) 4....

Cisco Placement Paper Number 2 1

Cisco Placement Paper Number 2

1) The starting location of an array is 1000. If the array[1..5/…4] is stored in row major order, what is the location of element [4][3]. Each work occupies 4 bytes. 2) If the number...