Wipro Whole test paper 12th June 2008

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15 Responses

  1. STUTI says:


  2. Gajendra singh says:

    great answers…………confident…

    best of luck

  3. mahesh chinchole says:

    beutiful answers

  4. chintan says:

    i want to apply as fresher engg how can u help me.

  5. sandesh says:

    thank u 4 sharing info…

  6. karthick says:

    hey thanks alot….:)

  7. rayal says:

    good info to us…all the best fr ur future

  8. priya bp says:

    thanku soo much.all the best for your future

  9. ram says:

    info s very useful ka .. i need some more explanations abou how u managed ur interview without fear

  10. Ninu says:

    Did wipro called u?

  11. razik says:

    these questions are very common but answers are may different depends on the presence of mind of the contestent.
    i want to know the perfect answers of these type of questions.
    please send the proper answers.

  12. Deepti says:

    thanks for providing the details..

  13. sushil says:

    if i have 60% marks in be then can i apply wipro?

  14. Mukesh kumar says:

    I m final BE student. My branch is ECE. Can u help me to get a job as a fresher. Plz give some tips abt interview, HR,preparation n also how should preparing for this….

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